Thursday, 20 October 2011

My First Comment

Its now semester one of my second year of University so everything is very exciting at the minute. I've just moved into a house with 9 of my best friends, 4 of which study fashion! I know its going to be a big step up from first year but I cant wait for all the challenges ahead! 

I've got some really good modules this year, such as Research and Design Development.  This module carries on from first year where we use a target market and research a current trend, to develop a customer profile and design garments that reflect the aspiration of that customer, within the parameters of the brand identity. We also continue with a Garment Technology module in second year which includes pattern cutting and garment construction. I feel I learnt so much in Garment tech in my first year and I hope to progress my skills even further. 

Im most excited about my Marketing Creativity and innovation module. We have to compile a detailed marketing report for two companies, indicating the current market situation and outline another effective marketing strategy for the company to pursue in the future. However the 5 groups that decide which companies they want to use first get to do their project as a live brief for Republic. Obviously I realised what a fantastic opportunity it is to work with a company so i made sure my group got in their first :) We are now working alongside Republic and i am looking forward to their opinions on our project tomorrow when we meet the staff at their head office.

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