Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Avoid the post New Year's blues with an injection of colour.

This month Amanda Seyfried was photographed in LA stepping out in her favourite pair of coloured jeans. She has inspired me to replace the winter blues with colour.

These atomic red cotton blend jeans from Nobody are retailed at an expensive £175. However here are a few affordable options. 

 Top Shop- £38        

 Miss Selfridge- £38

River Island, Left- £40, Right- £30

Nail Art

I have just come across some fantastic lace nail art.

 It was a DIY job done by the girls sister. I think I will have a go! All you need is...

-1/2 Yard Lace from a ribbon spool
-A base coat
- Non-permanent glue
-A clear top coat
- A toothpick
-Wax paper.

To recreate this look I prepared my nails with a base coat and a base colour. I did this as this DIY job includes glue and I didn't want to apply the glue directly to my nails. I chose a natural base colour, however you could use any colour that contrasts the colour of your lace.

After cutting the lace to the size of my nail, I lay the pieces down on wax paper coating the back side with glue. I used eyelash glue as I knew it definitely wasn't permanent. It was easier to do this using a toothpick. I then placed the lace onto my nail pressing down with the toothpick. I then repeated this on all my nails.

I finished by applying lots of layers of top coat to make sure the lace was sealed to my nail and that the nail was smooth to touch. 

Thankyou to Jennifer owner of Looks for Less for the Idea!

Here are some more interesting nail designs.

Interesting baking trays.

I have been doing a lot of baking over christmas from mini christmas puddings to cute cupcakes, I was therefore very excited to see these interesting baking trays. I think I may have to make a few purchases!

My Lemon and Orange cupcakes.

Interesting baking trays

Funky bed sheets

After looking at all these bedsheets my bedroom feels quiet boring now!

Gabriel Dishaw, Junk Art

Gabriel Dishaw used her junk in such a wonderful way, creating a mans size 9 Nike inspired shoe. They look completely amazing. I think for my next project I will see what I can create from rubbish lying around my home and garage.

Lorenzo Duran

How creative, such a clever ego friendly design by Lorenzo Duran. I am now picturing a beautiful delicate dress made of multiple lazer cut leaves!

Brilliant Stair design

Such Innovative designs, I wouldn't mind a few of these in my house!