Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Innovation in its true sense

My week wouldn't be complete without an email from my Grandad, he truly is one of my very best friends and he always sends me emails that he knows will make me smile! Usually they are funny graphics however this week I received a link. I feel the clip shows Innovation in its true sense, necessity really does lead to the greatest of inventions.

The clip is about a man from Sito Maligaya who is known as 'Solar Demi', he lives in a poor area near a railroad and the houses are built so close to each other that there is virtually no natural light even during the day. Life is very different for families here, they don't really stay indoors as they can not see what they are doing. Solar Demi brightened up his family and friends home by punching a hole in a section of the metal roofing and sealing a bottle in the hole. He filled the bottles with filtered water and bleach before installing them into the roof. He has now brought light and happiness to his family, whilst helping the environment by using less electricity. The solar bottle is a great success and he has installed 643 bottles so far.

If this clip inspired you as much as it inspired my please donate or volunteer at to help Solar Demi add light to more lives.

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