Thursday, 10 May 2012

Periodic tiling designs

I havent blogged in a while due to a large amount of deadlines. Here is one of the projects I have been working on. As part of my Design Theory module we were told to create a collection of designs that tile a plane without gap or overlap. Six designs had to be cut from a regular polygon and six from an equilateral triangle. Each design then needed to be repeated by a minimum of 4 times.

First of all I had to select a form of inspiration to help me divide my shapes. Then after splitting my square and equilateral triangle I had to rearrange the new inner shapes to fit back into the outer shape. This was much harder than anticipated. Whilst doing this I had to bare in mind the end use of the design. An end use could be any form of surface design such as kitchen tiling. I decided that I wanted to design for an innovative end us. I decided to use the Queens Diamond Jubilee as my inspiration as its current and design upholstery for National Express busses and coaches with the aim to make public transport more appealing reducing the effect of transport on the environment.

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