Thursday, 1 March 2012

Liberty Freedom, Look cool, Keep warm, Wear Tweed

I am rather excited that today I got an interview for work experience with Liberty Freedom.

This is a highly thought of brand that already has a lot of admiration.Their incredible tailoring is mixed with punk ideas to provide a juxtaposition of Duchess and Punk. Think English tailoring with a punk edge. The customer profile would include outcasts, rebels and individuals with intelligent style who can stand out and look fantastic.

Liberty Freedoms sister brand is Beaver of Bolton. The ethos of sourcing only the best quality fabric and craftspeople has been carried from the sister brand through to the company ensuring high quality garments. Each garment has been individually created to produce a piece of real lasting beauty.  Also touching on my current theme of eco design again, everything is sourced in England reducing transportation and CO2 emissions then put together under good working conditions. In fact I read in the Lancashire life that they source their lining from Leeds. Being a Leeds student I cant help but wonder where from.... I will have to ask!

Here are some of the sasssy, sexy and rebellious designs. Each with subtle detail and elegant trims.

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