Saturday, 3 March 2012

Models braking the mould.

I read an interesting article in the Guardian this morning about models the brake the mould. For example Daphne Selfe the older model pictured bellow. Selfe is often in the Guardian fashion pages and Vogue and has been in many advertising campaigns. She is now 83 and in more demand than ever before.

Whilst I totally agree that its fantastic that the fashion industry are starting to use models that brake the mould even more now a days, the Guardian write the article saying 'Bring on the wrinkles...and the spare tyre and brains too. Because you don't have to be a silly, skinny teenager to make it in modelling these days'. I think this is totally unfair. I know many (naturally) skinny teenagers who would probably be offended by that. Ageism  and sizeism works both ways.....

Fantastic pictures though by Nick Ballon

The male/female model: Andrej Pelic

The feminist model: Charlotte Free

The black model: Jourdan Dunn

The plus-size model: Tara Lynn

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